Lost & Found 2020 – international youth exchange


WHEN?  (  22 – 31 August  2020 )

WHERE? :   in the mountains – WISŁA  – the beautiful place of POLAND 🙂

WHO?  7-8 participants from each ‘youth group’;

general age –>>>>> 15-20  <<<<<<  (with small exceptions 😉 )

Participant Cost – 50 Euro /this is the only one cost for participant/

we will cover: (Erasmus+Youth)

  • 100 % of travel expenses – tickets should be kept for reimbursement. (!)
  • board and lodging
  • all planned events

Advance Planning Vist will be in Zielona Góra   – 2 people from each organisation date:  April 2020

We would like to meet with Christian from different countries and have a good fellowship with you.  Our AIM will be the show on the last day of the exchange. We want to prepare a play/show/flash mobe/choir /?/ The aim of our project is to realize our passions, use our gifts and experience for the sake of others.

The motto  „The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service for others.”

Throughout the hole project the youth will be working in teams correlated with their interests preparing a programme which will be carried out on the last day of the exchange on.

The project will be based on teamwork and will result in developing and leading the series of workshops. The project will be realized by the following types of activities: workshops (music, multimedia, art, dancing, sports), chats, teamwork, lectures and discussions. Througout the whole duration of the project we will be first working in our national groups and during the nine days in Wisła we will be working both in our national groups and in teams responsible for each part of the programme

HOW ? – Sports, intercultural, learning from each other, and the experience of Jesus in the Word. We want to accomplish it by getting to know each other, our abilities. Also, by the means of joint workshop, singing and worshiping together, games and sport activities, discussions and seminars. Participation of youth groups from different cultures will enable us, on one hand, to learn different viewpoints and on the other, to enjoy our diversity.