To fight or to love… that is the question…- YE2014


Youth exchange: Summer 2014.

Youth Exchange in Gdansk  !!!


Sports, intercultural, learning from each other, and the experience of Jesus in His Word

The purpose of the project is to show young people the beauty and the meaning of life with Christ.  That we have the possibility to make choices and realize our passions, we can love and be loved.

HOW? – we want to accomplish it by getting to know each other, our abilities. Also, by the means of joint workshop, singing and worshiping together, games and sport activities, discussions and seminars. Participation of youth groups from different cultures will enable us, on one hand, to learn different viewpoints and on the other, to enjoy our diversity.


a two-day ‘preparatory visit’ for 2 leaders from each group

in Zielona Gora – possible time

  • Ø  June 28-29/ 2014 in our beautiful city – > Zielona Gora, : )
Possible time of exchange:

  • Ø  August 2014   – 10-20

GROUPS from UE country –  Your group may consist of max.15 peopleThere may be 4 –5 youth groups participating in the project /max 60 people/Participants may be at the age of 13 to 25 and must legally live in a EU country.(there may be a small number of people at the age of 25 – 30). As soon as I have received your confirmation and agreement concerning your participation I will send you a suggested schedule, which will be discussed and worked on together at a meeting in June.

COSTS: If our application is accepted we will cover the following expenses:

  • 100% of travel costs – ticket will be the base to get a reimbursement.

(Not higher than UE limit.)

  • costs of stay /board and lodging/
  • costs of activities organized
  • costs of the ‘preparatory visit’ in Zielona Gora for 2 people from the group – 100% of travel costs and costs of stay will be reimbursed.

If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact us.Mariusz Socha: pastor.zgora@gmail@com

For more information about us – visit:Baptist Church in Zielona Gora:

Youth BC:



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