Rules of youth exchange

Rules of youth exchange

As a participant of youth exchange project I declare to obey following rules:

q  do everything what I can to correctly accomplish our project

q   Actively take part in all activities and implementation of our project

q   not to leave hotel without a permission of a group leader

q   obey all the rules and directions of hotelkeeper

  1. On our trip is forbidden:

q  Smoking

q  having and drinking alcohol

q  having and drinking energy drinks

q  having and taking drugs and all the things forbidden by law
2.Atendee beers responsibility for damages caused by him
3.In case of insubordination there may be disciplinary consequences

1.Be kind and friendly
2.Look, observe, think and infer. If you know more teach the others. If you know less learn from others.
3.Smile! Especially when it’s hard. Be ready to obey your leaders commands. They are responsible for your safety
4. Use a night time to sleep and if you cant sleep let sleep the others!


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