Faith,Hope,Love…in action 2013

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Faith, hope & love…  – in ACTION…!

The “Faith, Hope & Love… in Action” project was implemented as a 10 day multilateral youth exchange in Zakopane, Poland. To our project we invited at four groups of different denominations from Portugal, Romania, Hungary and Poland. Our aim was to discover and demonstrate the beauty and meaning of life with God, and our gifts and talents we have received to be created. We wanted to present love by actions and activities, in relationships, discussions and games. We wished to pass on our faith and love to other young people.

In the group of 50-60 participants of different backgrounds we were taking part in photography, media, and pantomime workshops. We were cooperating with each other and admiring the beauty of God’s creation during our trekking tours, where we were using our knowledge gained at the workshops to create photo albums and presentations. At the evening talks and discussion groups we were presenting that we had possibilities to make choices, make our dreams come true, fulfill our passions, and that religious, social or cultural differences did not divide us but could help broaden the minds and learn to act united.

Each theme word was a subject of a separate discussion. FAITH – our beliefs, getting to know each other despite our differences. HOPE – looking to the future and desiring to make the most of our life by using every opportunity we have each day in a creative way. LOVE – our attitudes and thousands of choices we make each and every day.

Faith, hope, love… if these words turn into actions they are not just a subject of a religious talk but a genuine experience that each of us wants to live every day with God. The outcome of the project was an improvement of media skills but most importantly the participants experienced the encounter of foreign culture and history and they realized that in joint actions there’s no cultural, religious, or social barriers and that together we could do so much more. Each of the participants came back home with the conviction of their unique value and creative opportunities they had received.


Movies from youth exchange in GDANSK



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