Warsztaty – OBOZY 2012

Tegoroczne obozy są organizowane w ramach projektu wolontariatu Europejskiego “Going together realizing our dreams... dzięki czemu zajęcia warsztatowe, sportowe, i językowe prowadzą
wolontariusze z EUROPY.

W tym roku gościmy piątkę EVS-owców: z Portugalii, Hiszpanii, Ukrainy, Łotwy i Węgier.

1. Andres z Hiszpanii oraz Artem z Ukrainy poprowadzą

  • warsztaty muzyczne
  • warsztaty sportowe

„Hey. I have great enthusiasm to come to your city ! First, I think for a summer camp is the best sports and being in nature. …. SPORT I really like nature and sport.(soccer, tennis, swimming, volleball) Music: I am also a music teacher and an activity to sing songs, dance, make instruments  with garbage, we could do. It would be nice, that the activities have an educational goal and have fun while children can learn. We could perform simple science experiments. I like sports, I am musician, I play the saxophone, I like all types of music, I like reading, walking, cooking, talking to people, I am Professor of Music Education. I like talking to older people, because I think we are best taught by experience…  I’m very excited. 🙂 A big hug.” – Andres

Artem: „Parallel finished training at a local school of arts and music school, where mastered playing the piano, flute, guitar and saxophone. From playing the latest relating various concerts for church audiences and for residents, support of public holidays such as Victory Day, Mother’s Day, Constitution Day and others., Orchestral performances, ensemble, duet and solo performance, and win prizes at regional competitions.I have a tendency to social and educational work with children regularly take part in the departures of young people to shelter in the winter holidays in 2008, 2009, was actively involved in children’s Christmas program for children from orphanages under the patronage of sponsors from the U.S.. Has participated in various Christmas projects for children orphaned by ADRA in Ukraine. Over 2 years participating in the filming of TV channel „Hope” – „Get wisdom”

2. Dina z Łotwy i Eva z Węgier – poprowadzą warsztaty


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