Rosja – Niżny Nowogród

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EVS project will be carried in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, during 9 months starting in March 2013. The type of EVS project is individual, themes – children and disability. The main objective is social integration and adaptation of children and youth with disabilities within activities performed by school 365, unique establishment in the city of Nizhny Novgorod. There’re 2 countries involved into the project – Poland and Russian Federation, number of volunteers – 1. The volunteer will be involved into everyday activities of the school as well as have space for realization of mini-project within the scope of these activities being able to apply skills and competences she already has. Forms of teaching children in the school are very different. There are lessons with a teacher, private lessons with a teacher, speech therapist, teacher defectologists, and an educational psychologist. This is mini-group classes, where children learn about teamwork, get communication skills.
Using of different forms of learning helps children better adapt to other educational institutions in the future. A child can study in the school till the end of primary school, but also can be transferred to another educational institution earlier if his rehabilitation program is completed. It depends on the individual situation of mental and physical development of each pupil.
Work of the school includes:
•Education of public (governmental) education programs;
•Correction classes with teachers;
•Rehabilitation activities, which lead medical staff working in the school;
•Determination of rehabilitation route for pupils.


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