Hiszpania – Castelldefels

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The objectives of our organisation are to serve the citizens in our town and surrounding areas and to spread out healthy values to our society. We are a group of people from Castelldefels and the surrounding area. Our community was founded in 1970 and it now has 120 members. The management of our organisation is democratic, so all the members take part in decision-making. Having said that, there is no need to say that our church is also open for non-members. Anybody can participate in the activities we organise, which means that some activities can have around 300 participants. In our organisation there are people of all ages, since many families are involved, but the most active age-groups are the youth and young adults group. Also, there are people from various nationalities.

Through the activities we seek to share values such us friendship, team-work, forgiveness and solidarity in order to help the families in our town, and we do it through sport and cultural activities. They take place either in our building, where we also have our offices, or in various venues the town hall has available for organisations they collaborate with.

– Our programme is for children aged 7-12. The activities gravitate around a specific theme, always with an educational purpose. The participants meet to „explore” museums, nature, to play games, take part in quizzes, go on excursions, make friends, learn to play musical instruments, etc., all in an atmosphere were Christian values are promoted.

– One the other hand, our aim is to help families with social or financial needs. Weekly, we assist 50 families that are sent to us by the town hall social services department. Our role is to help those families by listening to them, giving them food and providing them with domestic assistance, and to help them find adequate training and jobs so that they can reintegrate back into society.

Implementation phase: (entire duration of the project)

  1. Children and Youth ministry

– “Engresca’t” – It is a weekly children club where good values are transmitted. It involves spending time with children through games, sport and other leisure activities.

– „ICE 4 Youth” & „ICE 4 kids” – work in a group preparing meetings of the club, both ICE youth and ICE-kids – together with the team responsible for the actions of the club the main responsibilities are: planning meetings, program, workshops, discussions, at the final stage of the project – being a leader of the group who prepares the meetings.

– (FDC) Film Discussion Club – participation in a film club for young people. Support and running the club.

– Sport – participation in sport activities for the youth. Leading and facilitating sport events.

– Day-care Room – assistance in afternoon classes at church – running various workshops.


  1. Magazine

Monthly, the organisation issues and distributes a magazine with news, opinion articles, reports and information about activities. It is available for the town, and also for the members of the church who live outside the town. Around 120 copies are printed each month and it can also be downloaded from the church website. – help in formatting, editing, printing, distributing as well as making interviews, writing articles and giving an account of your voluntary service in a newsletter form.


  1. Radio Programme “Bones notícies”

Live every Sunday morning for one hour from the town hall Radio Station, which can be dialled from the nearby towns too. – Active participation, assistance in preparation of the program.


  1. Small groups meetings

– Participation in discussion meetings, preparation and holding a discussion about problems we face these days.

– Music service – if a volunteer has appropriate skills – involvement in a church music group, which means a volunteer must attend rehearsals, music group meetings, and performances at church.

– Picnic and Fellowship – participation in different activities at weekends (some kind of meetings for men, women, families, i.e. bicycle rides or walking trips, breakfast, dinners, etc.)


  1. Charity work

– “Compasión” – It is a social action project in agreement with the town hall. Through this project we help people to find jobs, we try to prevent social exclusion and we take and refer drug addiction cases. We also give food and essential products to 50 families of Castelldefels. A new action that is being organised is the “Kilo Collection” in December, giving all the citizens the opportunity to cooperate with us with food and basic products that will then be distributed among the needy in our town. – Assistance in collecting and distributing food to people in need.

– “Bazar Solidario” – assistance organising the event of collecting and giving out clothes or selling them for a token price.

– “Operation Christmas Child & Samaritan’s Purse” – help in organising charity events for children, help at the organisational level, collecting, preparing and distributing Christmas presents.


Food allowance and pocket money:

At the beginning of each month the volunteer will receive the pocket money of 105 euro per month and the food allowance of 150 euro per month paid in cash by the organisation accountant.


Volunteers will be lodged in a rented fully equipped flat in the town centre. Each volunteer will have his/her own room with Internet access. The rest of the apartment will be shared i.e. kitchen, bathroom, common room, laundry.

Local transport:

Volunteers will live within a walking distance (less than 2km) from the organization and the majority of the activities will take place in the church building or campus and some in a local parks or sport centres. Any use of public transport will not be necessary. In case a volunteer needs to use a public transport to attend any of the project activities, camps, trainings, the Host Organisation reimburses all incurred expenses. On certain occasions, the organization will provide bicycles for the volunteers.

Language support:

The volunteer will have Spanish classes at least 3 hours a week with a language teacher throughout the entire duration of the project. Also a volunteer may have a chance to learn in a ‘language tandem’. In return the volunteer may teach his/her language (or English). The volunteer, if necessary, will get support from someone who can speak the language in a communicative way during the volunteer’s activities.


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