Georgian-Polish contacts and history of the Polish culture in the Caucasus includes a lot of various themes, but probably, it is especially significant how well this heritage is known in the Caucasus today, how it is assessed and what prospects it has.
Main aims of project are:
– Spread the idea of volunteering among the Georgian society, especially in small local communities, rises the awareness of the idea of volunteering.
– Promote active participation and citizenship.
-To make EVS more popular among unemployed and disadvantaged young people.
– To develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people.
In framework of 6 months EVS projects, 1 polish volunteer, hosted in Association „Merkuri” (Zugdidi, Georgia), will develop different Activities for children- from presenting their countries, cultures, traditions, etc. through workshops on subjects that interested them.
Impact of this activities for Georgian society will
– rise local youth’s Interest in participating in similar projects, including youth expanding participation in Erasmus+
– Increased appreciation of cultural diversity in local community, interest in multilingualism and multiculturalism,
– More contact with other countries
– an enrichment by local communities with new ideas, sharing of European values
– the idea of volunteering became better known in local community,
– rised level of information about main topic of project.

Our activities:

Earth Week in „Merkuri”! –  We present to you a clip made by the talented students of St George´s Gymnasium with the help of their teacher Lika Nachkebia and on initiative our EVS volunteers. Enjoy and join us for our week full of events connected to nature, saving our planet and ecological living!


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