Projekty w Europie…

Finlandia  –  13-05 do 3-06-2013 –

Rosja – 1-04 do 30-10-2013 –

EVS project was carried in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, during 9 months starting in March 2013. The type of EVS project was individual, themes – children and disability. The main objective was social integration and adaptation of children and youth with disabilities within activities performed by school 365, unique establishment in the city of Nizhny Novgorod. There’re 2 countries involved into the project – Poland and Russian Federation, number of one volunteers – 1. The volunteer was involved into everyday activities of the school as well as had space for realization of mini-project within the scope of these activities being able to apply skills and competences she already had.

Hiszpania – 1/06/2013 – 30/05/2014

Słowacja – 1/06 – 30/08/2013

Słowacja – 1/10/2013 – 30/06/2013

Wielka Brytania – 1/09/2013 – 30/08/2014

Gruzja – 1/09/2014…..

Hiszpania – 1/09/2014….


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  1. Ewelina pisze:

    My name is Ewelina. I’m the youth and children worker employed by the christian organization SWYM, and based as a volunteer in one of the Exeter churches in England – called ISCA Church. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to serve here and this gives me a chance to develop my experiences and gain the new one, also improve my language, meet many fantastic people and above all be shaped and changed by God. God sent me here and I decided to follow His will and that opened the doors for me for the great adventure.
    I’m involved in different kind of things. That includes work with the youth and children in my church here and in the local schools. During this year I’m together with the English volunteer in ISCA Church and we’re both leading the youth group and organize different event for them. The other things I’m involved with are: children’s Friday club, Toddler group, worship in my church, and different kind of lunch clubs in primary and secondary schools. The work in the schools is that we’re going there and have a game time and trying to talk with them about God in the creative way. It’s a great thing because most of those kids are from non-‚christian families so our work gives them opportunity to learn something about God and see what does it mean to be a christian. My favorite lunch club is in the secondary school and it is for Polish students so because I’m Polish I’m feeling great to talk with them with our native language and they’re enjoying that it’s something special for them in the foreign community. Also I know God gives me a chance to do something precious for those young people and maybe they will know God through my work there.
    My church is a great support for me. We meet with our leader team each Wednesday for prayer, devotion and sharing our ideas for the next coming days. I have a line manager who gives me instructions what should I do and help me with my work. I have my own mentor as well who I meet with regularly and I found it very helpful. SWYM divided the volunteers from that year on the different regions so I am in the central. one Each region includes several volunteers and it’s area coordinator who watches over our work as well. On Mondays we meet for a cluster with our central team and have a time for testimonies, worship, bible study, lunch etc Each two month all SWYM volunteers have a conference when we gather together for 4 days and it’s encouraging time full of interesting sessions, worships, fun so you can come back spiritually refreshed. Being in the foreign country, far away from your friends and family, learning many new things, and finding out a lot of difficulties and challenges is not easy thing but I recommend that a lot. If God put it in your heart, just pray and follow His calling! If God calls you to do something He also will lead you through that time. That could be an amazing adventure if your life.


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