Miejsce na wolontariat w Chorwacji….


Roczny – EVS – Wolontariat w Chorwacji.

The project will take place in Petrinja (Croatia), from March 2014 till March 2015. ·    

We’ll host 3 volunteers / countries and the main themes covered by the activities are: “anti-discrimination” and “intergenerational solidarity”

With this project we wish to sensitize community members, and especially young people, to the problems of elderly citizens. Our goal is to promote values connected to older age and encourage more responsible relationships towards older people in our community, also we wish to improve the lives of older people by offering them our assistance and helping them.

In this project EVS volunteers will work with elderly citizens in our community. They will be working part-time (three hours a day) in our Association where they will organise foreign language courses for community members and assisting elderly citizens during computer training courses. In our Association volunteers will also have three – five hours per week of Croatian lessons, they will promote volunteering and work with multimedia.

Other working hours volunteers will spend working in different institutions or Associations that work with elderly citizens. Mostly in the Home for the elderly, which is situated in Petrinja, where their task will be to animate the residents with different apropriate acitivities, like: bingo, karaoke, walking, social games, art and dance workshops, gymnastics for elderly. Another partner is an Association called Help for older people (Pomoć starijim osobama), together with the employees of this Association, EVS volunteers will help their beneficiaries with storing wood for the winter, cleaning snow, cleaning the house, mowing grass and also other social activities.


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