Wolontariat w Rumunii – 9 mscy w Bukareszcie od IV 2014


Our project is called „S.M.A.R.T – Simply just Make A Romanian Trip„, and it’s going to start in  April 2014, for a 9 months period.
Activities developed are going to be:


It’s an activity with youngsters inside the schools. The activity will put in contact the youngsters from our schools with the others from the schools in volunteers countries, by creating a bridge between them with the help of the postcards, made by them. The youngsters will create the postcards  and sent them to the others from the partner schools. In this way they will manage to create a very good connection between schools from Romania,
and schools from volunteers home countryes.


It is a project that, together with the POSTCARD PROJECT, will even bring closer the youngsters coming from different backgrounds, societies, economical environment, social and
ethnic, and will contribute at promoting better understanding and
collaboration among them. This activity will be conducted on 2 plans: on one plan the youngsters will have to write hand letters and send them to the youngsters in schools abroad, and on the other hand they will have to write them online letters, through social networks, developing their IT skills.


With this ecological activities we are trying
to motivate the youngsters, to make them more responsible and more concerned related
to environmental problems. Also the photos and the exhibition, that will gather all the
photos, is going to stimulate their creativity, innovation and


Theatre is a project that will contribute in improving and developing new abilities to all the persons involved, both volunteers and youngsters.


Will have the role to teach the youngsters about the European Union, about its values, about its countries.



The volunteers will have the chance to put the basis
of an newspaper, where they are going to be the coordinators an the
editors. They’ll have the chance to learn or improve their artistic
skills, in creating the layout of the newspaper, and their journalistic
„BUCHAREST – begin of the journey”

It is going to be a small travel
guide that will contain information about the journeys that you made
around the country, tips and advices about some of the experiences that
you had on your traveling and other information that you would like to


Besides the activities that we described you, your
ideas about other activities that you would like to develop here will be
most than welcomed and put into practice.


Workshops like: body language, foreign language, cooking, handy crafts, dance and a lot of other themes that can be implemented by the volunteers together with the youngsters from the communities where the volunteers will live and work.

Based on our previous experiences, we’ve learned that a project
like this will suit best to volunteers which are:
.       creative
.       open to discover and willing to get involved in new experiences
.       happy to work with young people (even kids of 13-17 years);
.       willing to make a difference;
.       willing to work in an international team..


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