EVS – ROCZNY Wolontariat w Słowacji 1/09/13 – 31/08/14

  • Location: Trstená, Slovakia
  • Deadline: 14/04/2013
  • Start: 01/09/2013
  • End: 31/08/2014

Nabór: Proszę przesłać CV i List motywacyjny na adres: pastor.zgora@gmail.com

The volunteer will part of team our organization. He will work with us in our office and will participate on realizing activities and events. Every new person in our organization is very important because he can bring new saw on our work. We offer wide space for own initiative of volunteer.
Volunteer activities will take place mainly in Cool club and hostel. The part of activities will in primary and high school. Volunteer will help teacher with language lessons in his/her mother tongue or volunteer will have own nonformal discussion language clubs. Of course all depend on mutual agreement.


Volunteer can participate in these activities: 1. Activity: To Cool Club usually come Youth in the afternoon. It is open every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. It offers for Youth alternative space for leisure activities in the area without cigarettes and alcohol. Each month the club has created own program (competitions, workshops, discussions, …). The program is prepared by volunteers from club with cooperation their supervisor. Volunteers will be involved to the create program and also to implementation of planning activities. In case interest we offer for volunteers space for own realization. They can prepared their own activity for young people in club. Skills: The volunteer improve him organization skills, he can develop his creativity in many ways 2. Activity: Next the hostel is a small carpentry shed. In case of interested, volunteer can learn a create wood furniture, doors, windows and another things from wood. Skills: The volunteer can develop his manual skills. He will work with experienced carpenter. Volunteer can learn and try whole process production of furniture,… 3. Activity: Another part of the activities will take place in the office, especially in creating „Newsletter” (interesting information about youth opportunities, possibilities). Every month we make newsletter for young people from our region. Volunteer will collect information and create newsletter. Skills: The volunteer get an overview about opportunities for Youth in Slovakia but in European union, too. 4. Activity: Volunteer will present his country and his EVS in Cool club, in schools,… Skills: Volunteer improve their communication skills and self-presentation 5. Activity: Volunteer will have possibilities make education activities in him mother tongue, English, or in another language which he know (conversation in foreign languages with unemployed, to increase their chance find a work, „Conversation clubs‗ for Youth in „Cool Club‗,…) Skills: Volunteer learn how to work with small group. 6. Activity: Volunteers will also be involved in the preparation of regular and irregular public events (job fair, urban public games, birthday of Cool Club …)

More info about our activities:



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