Group-EVS: Wolontatriat w Finlandii – MAJ – CZERWIEC. 4 miejsca !!!!!




Sports and culture from young people to young people

The project takes place from 2013-05-13 till 2013-06-03
ToukoFest is a two-day event for pupils all around the central Finland, programme includes competitions for bands and dance-groups, tournaments in different sports (football, floorball, streetbasket), different cultural activities: painting / photography exhibition, video contest and so on. In addition there is a lot of local organisations presenting different hobbyalternatives for the summer.

During the two days the event has 6000 – 8000 visitors The event is planned and organised by a group of ~25-28 young volunteers ( with support and coaching from youth organisation of central finland)

The project idea is for the EVS (together with our local volunteers) plan and organise even more activites to ToukoFest. As with everything our organisation does the key phrase is from young people for young people – the activites to be organised are planned and chosen by the EVS together with local volunteers.The project gives experience (in addition to international cooperation and culture) about participating in
organising a major event with thousands of visitors and teamwork in international framework.


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