WOLNE MIEJSCE W ANGLII !!!! – Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in United Kingdom


Deadline: 30/07/2012
Start: 01/02/2013
End: 01/02/2014

Vacancy for EVS Long Term Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers who want to spend 12 months in the South West of England and to be involved in our projects.

Vacancy for EVS Long Term Volunteer starting 01 Feb 2013.

The deadline to submit CV in Europass format with photo and a motivation letter is 30 August 2012.

The MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES of the Long Term Volunteer (12 months) are to support and deliver the Family Support Programme, Community Safety Programme and Youth project as well as general activity of the organisation. This includes helping the organisation to provide support for migrant workers community as well as public bodies through individual supp


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