Wolontariat we Włoszech – wyjazd natychmiast… :)

  • Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Italy

  • Location: Passignano sul Trasimeno (Perugia – Umbria), Italy
  • Deadline: 27/02/2012
  • Start: 06/03/2012 — End: 05/08/2012
  • URGENT: Looking for ONE FRENCH VOLUNTEER for an APPROVED PROJECT.She or he will share the project with one Romanian and 2 Brazilian volunteers.
    Volunteers will be hosted by the Cooperative “Panta Rei”, one of the best center for environmental education in Italy. The center have been made up with local and home made materials (home made bricks e.g.) and is almost totally self sustainable: the clients and staff recicle almost everything and use as less energy as possible. The 4 volunteers will live there and they will be totally involved in the activities of the center, in its phylosofy, both on professional and personal level. They will live in a frugal (but wonderful) house inside the farm, together with a member of the staff, in single rooms.


– Support operators who work in activities of biological agriculture (vegetable and fruit garden and olive grove), and typical productions: : different activities according to the season (for ex. planting, fertilize with compost created in the Centre, weed, prune, harvest, etc.). In addition, are foreseen informative activities regarding the characteristics of the typical Trasimeno products to increase the value of local production; – Maintain the garden and improve native species, also thanks to a gentle human intervention: examination of different vegetable essences, examination of ground characteristics. Choice of essences, depending on their aesthetics and functional characteristics, preparation of the ground, plant, care and cataloguing. All this regards the process of redefinition of peasants role, in defence of the rural landscape; – Help operators to use row bricks and straw as natural material for building: ground examination, mixture preparation (different for each case, and made thanks to appropriate machines) and enactment. Moreover, maintenance of the Centre is item of information and training activities. Most of all is important the spread of information regarding green building products, their use and their characteristics; – Prepare and maintain laboratories dedicated to education to the sustainable progress; – Prepare and maintain laboratories dedicated to social agriculture; – Support operators to lead didactic laboratories (visits, stays and summer camps) dedicated to young, children and families; – Organize parties and fairs exhibitions, in and out of the village, to spread activities linked to environmental sustainable progress.


To be ready and motivate to: – accept to live in an isolated place, really far from both the first build-up area, Passignano, both from Perugia, – be prepared to take part in a large variety of works and do not be afraid of hard work, – have a community life, in a place where going away is not so easy , sharing ones daily life with other people, – to have a very little private space, limited to just your own bedroom, – have a really strong spirit of adaptation, to be open to the requests and the working hourse asked, – work with a not balanced working time schedule (i.e work a lot in a period of the year and not so much in an other, work sometimes in the week end and have free time the other days of the week), – have a frangmented time schedule even in the same day. Working for example 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon and 2 hours the evening, – live in a poor environment, without any waste and not consumerist, – live surrounded by orthodox ecologists in an environment in which people live and speak respectfully of the nature: to be interested to ecology themes, to sustainable development, to biological agriculture.


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