Wolontariat w Lipsku… roczny…

  • Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Germany

  • Location: Leipzig, Germany
  • Deadline: 15/04/2012
  • Start: 01/09/2012
  • End: 31/08/2013


Volunteers are given the possibility to gain insight into our various working domains. They can experience the teaching methods of a free school in Germany – in particular those of a Steiner school – and correlate new experiences in day-to-day life with those of their own country. We attach great importance to being responsive to the individual abilities of the volunteers, so as to support them in further developing their potential abilities. Possible tasks for the volunteers are: organizing games and handcraft work for the children in the after-school care facility (and we welcome games and songs from other countries introduced by the volunteers); guiding the children through the school day, including mealtimes and breaks; support and guidance of our integrative children; independent little projects with the aim of acquainting the children with the volunteer’s country of origin; helping out in the school gardens and with the animal care; school-outings and school-festivities, where the volunteer can introduce specialities from his or her country (e.g. by holding a culture-comparing speech or linking initiatives from foreign Steiner schools with our own), thereby reaching a broader circle of parents and friends.


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