Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Gotzis – Austria (2)

Location: Götzis, Austria
Deadline: 10/04/2012
Start: 03/09/2012>>>>>>>>>>>>> End: 03/09/2013


  • The Café in Loackerhuus is designed to meet the needs of families and children.
    Everything offered on the menu in Loackerhuus-Café is prepared exclusively with organic ingredients. The cakes and biscuits offered are homemade in the kitchen on site. The ingredients vary according to season. In a corner of the Café there is a play area with child-size furniture, books and games.

    The kitchen is organized by a pastry cook and confectioner, whose job it is to teach the handicapped how to cook and bake with organic ingredients. Additionally snacks and light meals are made for external sale.

    Glass workshop:
    In the basement there is a workshop where crockery, gifts and other glass articles are made. Under the guidance of an expert craftsman the handicapped are trained to take part in the production of glass articles. A small amount of articles produced in the workshop find their way into the Café whilst most of the products are offered for sale on the first floor.

    Creative group:
    The creative workshop is to be found in the attic. This area is a combined place for work, therapy and training. Decorative objects are produced here and everyday routine activities for nearby organizations are carried out.

    ARTelier studio:
    The handicapped employees, their families, friends and visitors can take part in a multitude of creative activities, they can paint and create works of art.


What will be the role of EVS volunteers in the Host Organisation: The role of the EVS volunteers will be to work along with our employees and people with intellectual disabilities and behaviour problems, mainly in one of our four working areas (Café, Kitchen, Creative group and Glass workshop). The volunteer will be encouraged and accompanied to support people to tackle a task for themselves, not to do things for them, in order for them to realize their potential and abilities. As a volunteer your work will be guided by our professional employees. Also you will get the free space to create and implement your own ideas. We are welcoming new and creative ideas, which we believe adds new perspectives to our organisation. The activities in which the volunteers could be involved and the activities the volunteers could create in your organisation. Please give examples of typical activities/tasks for the volunteers: There are lots of different things to get involved with as a volunteer at Loackerhuus. Every working area has its own charm, learning possibilities and challenges. Independent from the working area the volunteer will be involved in the work and attendance of people with light intellectual disabilities and behaviour problems. That’s the core area of the training. Here is an extract of possible tasks: Café: The volunteer has the possibility to learn how to welcome the guests, serve meals and beverages, work at the bar and make preparations for the days work … Kitchen: Helps with the production of cakes and biscuits, supports and instructs individuals with disabilities with everyday domestic activities … Creative group: Supports and instructs individuals with disabilities using creative work e. g. painting, papermaché objects, felt objects … Glass workshop: Supports and instructs individuals with disabilities in the production of glass objects e. g. bowls, decorative objects … as well as in daily living activities. Also the volunteer will get the free space to create and implement own ideas. We are welcoming new and creative ideas, which, we believe, add new perspectives to our organisation.


The volunteers should be open to work with people with light intellectual disabilities and behaviour problems. They have to be interested in working in the fields like a Café, Kitchen, and in creative groups where they work with glass and other material. If the volunteers have a driving licence it would make things easier but this is not necessary. Due to the nature of the people with disabilities involved in the project, a minimum age of 18 is required.


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