Wolontariat w Macedonii :) – kto chętny na wyjazd z Agnieszką?


Summary of the project

This EVS project is mainly aimed at providing non-formal education and intercultural learning opportunities to young people from Kavadarci. It is part of a current local project of the hosting organization Youth Associaiton creACTive – which mainly works on promoting creativity and active citizenship of young people.

The EVS project will be based in the local youth club of the organization in Kavadarci, while part of the activities will be also developed in some villages near the city. Target group of this project are young people aged 13 to 25 from the town and the nearby villages, while the activities include various workshops in the fields of arts, culture, language courses, use of computers, sports, theatre, media, games and others. The club is also open for youngsters’ free time activities during the whole day. More detailed description of the activities is contained in Part V of this application form, as well as in the attached project description.

The club already functions and employs two youth workers. Currently there are six EVS volunteers hosted in the club, and an American Peace Corps volunteer.

The project includes one EVS volunteer from France to be hosted in the project in Macedonia. Project duration is 1 III 2012 – 1 II 2014.


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