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Od 1-go lipca 2012 do 30 Czerwca 2013.
YMCA: http://www.hoveymca.org.uk/

YMCA is a Christian organisation that believes everyone deserves the chance to fulfil their God-given potential. Although we work with all members of the community we particularly aim to meet the needs of young people through a variety of projects and Sussex-wide initiatives.

Location: Hove, United Kingdom
Deadline: 01/12/2011
Start: 01/07/2012
End: 30/06/2013

Sports project based within Sussex Central YMCA.
2 places available.

The volunteers will work in the Sussex Central YMCA sports department supporting a range of young people from the local Hove community but also from across the city. This work includes mainstream children and young people but also ones with more challenging and difficult issues including learning difficulties, offending behaviour and low levels of confidence and self esteem. Many of these children and young people have financial difficulties.


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