Wolontariat w Szwecjii !!!

The main role of volunteers in RC will be to provide assistance to our activity leaders in different fields that we have. They are expected to be a role-model for the youth. Moreover, we encourage volunteers to take initiatives of their ideas, activities and knowledge to lead different groups of people to understanding between youth from different countries. Working week description: 36 hour working week (Activities + Swedish language courses), 2 day-off every month according to the EVS regulations and also day-offs on the national holidays.
Activities for the volunteers:
We have seven guiding words for all the activities, because the concept of the organisations is to give children the role model for their future life:
Respect – for the base of all good relations;
Fellowship – for friendship and solidarity that get people together;
Trust – to be able to trust each other makes the individual strong;
Responsibility – that is needed to achieve desired goals;
Attraction – to be a part of us will be both attractive and a privilege
to participate;
Relation – a personal relation to the activities results in involvement;
Commitment – that is what people need to maintain their interests; All the beliefs are the routes of every engagement that RC is involved in: sport, dance, technology, design, music, theatre, film, photo and media, different out-door activities, etc. Integration and collaboration with society is a significant part in our work to create a close and lasting relationship around our target group.
The activities are:
– Basketball club from ages 5 (Gävle/Ockelbo basketball team is playing in
2 division, and the next goal is to move to division 1)
– Judo club from ages 7
– Dance from ages 4 (mainly salsa)


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